“Linda is a professional singer with a great international live experience and a very wide repertoire ranging in different genres: from jazz to rock, from dance to bossanova. Her voice is characterized by a worm but scratchy tone if necessary, with extraordinary expressive dynamics, revealing her deep and eternal passion for good music of all times and places.” [Marco Colombo, hystoric guitarist of Gianna Nannini band”

Born in Savona, she began studying piano and joined several bands as keyboard player and songwriter, performing live and in recording studios (at the age of 17 she had already released two 45s). Later she founded a trio where she was finally also a singer, and she recorded two more singles also distribuited abroad.
She studied vocal technique and music ensemble at Louisiana Jazz Club of Genoa with Anna Sini and Giampaolo Casati, later she continued to study privately jazz improvisation with Roberto Pronzato and vocal technique with Kjerstin Engø. She sang with the Big Band “The new swingers”, in the meantime she also worked several years as midi programmer for Milano Publishing (Midisong), then she was hired by Selection International Entertainment agency of Genoa to perform continuously for almost ten years as singer and musician in five-stars hotels, elegant private events and on cruise ships of various international companies, bringing her voice all around the world, from Dubai to Miami, from St. Petersburg to Mauritius. Later she worked three years for Unisonor agency of Geneva (CH), performing as resident artist in the most prestigious five-stars lounges in Europe (St. Moritz, Madeira, Lucerne, etc.).
Tired of being constantly on the go, Linda has settled near Milan; in the past years she sang with many bands among which the celtic music ensemble FBA, La Piccola Rossa rock cover band, STP Deep Purple tribute band, Celebration 70s dance group, AmyAlive Winehouse tribute band, she performed also in Palazzo Reale (MI), Castello Sforzesco (MI), S. Domenico Theatre (CR), Bloom (Mezzago, MB) and many others venues and festivals, and she often partecipate in jam sessions while maintaining an intense live activity.
She’s currently working with Marco Colombo -with whom she has founded SLAM duo- in several projects from blues to rock to theater to brasilian music, as singer, guitar player and composer. Actually she is also lead singer in some bands, among which stands out the Jazz Lab Ensemble swing band of thirteen musicians directed by Francesco Montaruli and the Bocconi Jazz Business Unit directed by Marco Mariani, which whom she has performed in such venues as the Blue Note in Milano.
She attended the EVT Voicecraft course in Verona with Alejandro Martinez, she was awarded the Popular Music Theory Grade 5 at the London College of Music and she is attending the Master in order to achieve the Diploma of Modern Vocals Teaching at the VMS center in Milan with Loretta Martinez, where she studies, among other subjects (such as anatomy, physical acoustics, interpretation, advanced ear training, psychology, in addition to specific subjects), choral direction with Gianluca Sambataro.
Linda teaches music education, flute and choral ensemble in primary school of Milan 2, and music education in preschools of Milan 2 and Redecesio (MI).
She also teaches modern singing and electronic keyboards for the Musical Association CinqueOttavi at the civic center G. Verdi of Segrate (MI) and modern singing at Scuola Musicale di Milano and World Music School in Pessano (MI).



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